Shipping samples involves more than getting to a destination on time. Sample integrity is essential throughout the process. Our logistics service team consider everything from choosing the best courier and packaging for your job, to potential challenges from customs or flight delays which include a dry ice resupply program. We offer package tracking and sample temperature monitoring/reporting during the transport to give you full tractability of your samples. We utilise specialist couriers for domestic logistics, which means we can offer you a flat cost no matter the distance you are shipping.


Validated shipping methods

We can provide a team to be on-site to handle the details of moving numerous samples for you, or even supply you with pre-conditioned shipping kits for you to package samples for relocation.




Our Logistic services Include:

  • Consultancy: On collection technologies, including – packaging, shipping, tracking and environmental monitoring during transit
  • Custom transportation solutions: Designed and scheduled to your needs, from the point of collection to final storage.
  • Documentation assistance: Preparing all domestic, international, hazardous, non-hazardous and customs shipping documentation lowering the risk of shipment delays.
  • Dedicated logistic staff: Specialist teams to your site to handle the whole process.
  • Dry ice supply: Including resupply during long transits.
  • Temperature Controlled Packaging: Packaging custom designed to meet specific sample and shipping requirements.
  • Temperature monitoring: During transit with reported shipping conditions and transit times.
  • Dedicated services: Available for small and large quantities of samples
  • Tracking: Packages are tracked from the time they leave the collection point until they arrive safely at their final destination.
  • Cost-effective: For the shipping of biological samples both domestically and internationally.


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